Energy Committee

About Us

The Bristol Energy Committee is focused on reducing the cost and energy consumption of the town facilities, and improving homeowner energy efficiency. Because the committee is made up of volunteers with limited resources, the primary focus for the near future will be on improving the energy efficiency of town owned and/or operated facilities. The goals in this effort are threefold:

     -Reduce Energy Costs: The cost of heating and powering our town facilities represents one of the largest ongoing recurring costs of operating our town facilities. 

     -Improve Energy Resiliency: With continued uncertainty related to possible weather events and related climate change, the issue of insuring our town has a plan for operation in the case of a major power grid failure becomes increasingly important.

     -Reduce Overall Greenhouse Emissions: As responsible citizens, it is important to do what we can to reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions and become good stewards of our environment.

 If you are interested in participating in the energy future of the Bristol community, please plan to attend one of our meetings or reach out to our committee for more information. You can reach the Chairperson Paul Bemis at [email protected] or by phoning 603-369-6085.


Committee Members

Name Title
Paul Bemis Chairperson
Doug Williams Member
Tricia Mills Member
Greg Wagner Member
Daniel Kenney Member