Downtown Decorating Committee

The Bristol Downtown Decorating Committee consists of a dedicated group of women and men whose mission is to create an attractive space which invites people to stop and enjoy our town. The members purchase, plant and tend flowers all around the square during the spring and summer season.  In the fall they decorate for the annual Halloween celebration. The committee selects and decorates the tree for the annual Christmas tree lighting on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  New volunteers are always welcome to join the committee.


Committee Members

Name Title
Tom Keegan Member
Lucille Keegan Member
Hilda Bruno Member
Julaine Gelderman Member
Martha Hulsman Member
Sue Nieman Member
Bill Nieman Member
Jan Metcalf Member
Richard Metcalf Member
Mary Gebhart Member
Donna Worthen Member
Laura Beth Ulwick Member
Sue Peterson Member
Jim Collins Member
Suzy Vessers Member
Charlene Deuso Member