Land Use Permits & Applications

Filing Fees

Application and Permit Forms

Appeal from Administrative Decision Application (Zoning)

Boundary Line Agreement (Planning)

Certificate of Approval (Historic District Commission)

Conditional Use – Internally Lit Signs (Planning)

Conditional Use - Steep Slopes (Planning)

Demolition Permit (Land Use)

Driveway Permit (Highway)

Earth Excavation (Planning)

Equitable Waiver of Dimensional

Incorrectly Delineated Wetlands (Planning)

Junkyard Permit (Land Use)

Land Use (Building) Permit (Land Use)
Residential and Commercial. Any new construction (including modular and mobile homes), change of use, interior renovations, decks, dormers, sheds, barns, garages, docks, signs, swimming pools, fences over six feet tall, roofing (with new material), solar, wind, and demolition or relocation of any structure.

Lot Line Adjustment (Planning)

Mergers-Voluntary (Planning)

Mergers-Involuntary (Planning)

Motion for Rehearing (Zoning)

Preliminary Conceptual Consultation (Planning)

Renewal Permit (Land Use)

Sign Permit (Land Use)

Site Plan-Amended (Planning)

Site Plan-Full (Planning)

Site Plan-Minor (Planning)

Special Exception (Zoning)

Special Use Permit (Planning)

Subdivision (Planning)

Temporary Camping (Land Use)

Variance (Zoning)

Wireless Services Application (Planning)